Green Jobs Initiative

Western Canada

2018-2020Green Jobs Initiative

Western Canada



dollars invested in youth in Western Canada


number of green jobs created in Western Canada
Western Canada Perspective

For the purposes of this project, the Western Canada Region includes the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan

Western Canada Regional Manager

Noelle Vitue

British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association

Noelle Virtue is a Project Manager at the BCRPA and is responsible for the CPRA Green Jobs Initiative, After School Recreation Spaces Grant and the Stay Active, Eat Healthy initiative. Noelle has been working in the field of recreation for six year and has a Master of Food Policy from City University, London.

By The Numbers


number of organizations funded in the region


percentage of jobs that took place in the summer


ratio of male/female students hired

Interesting Fact:

Over 33% of all 2018-2019 Green Jobs took place in the Western Canada Region

" I was almost entirely unaware of the possibilities in the green work field before this position, now it is one of the main areas I am considering for a career. "

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