Green Jobs Initiative

Eastern Canada

2018-2020Green Jobs Initiative

Eastern Canada



dollars invested in youth in Eastern Canada


number of green jobs created in Eastern Canada
Eastern Canada Perspective

For the purposes of this project, the Western Canada Region includes the provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island

Eastern Canada Regional Manager

Michelle DeCourcey

Recreation New Brunswick

Michelle has worked at RNB for the past five years. She is the project lead for NB PLAYS!, she co-chairs the Healthy Eating in Recreation Environments Provincial Working Group, oversees Recreation NB’s Inclusive Recreation Activity Fund, and serves as an active member of various committees and networks.

By The Numbers


number of organizations funded in the region


percentage of jobs that took place in the summer


ratio of male/female students hired

Interesting Fact:

27% of youth employed in Eastern Canada were high school students

" Working with Conservation Corps NL was a very rewarding experience. I was able to develop leadership skills and helped educate the next generation about climate change, the importance of preserving the environment, and the simple thing they can do to help. "

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